Vacation and Leisure Planners (VLP) Limited’s SecuredCash is a secure way of holding cash in e-Wallet to pay for services offered across all VLP’s websites like,, You can make a one-time deposit or installmental deposit to your SecuredCash e-Wallet – whichever is convenient.

SecuredCash e-Wallet saves you the trouble of always having to enter your credit/debit card details every time you want to make payment. It also helps you work on a budget so you don’t overspend. And you get 2% discount for using SecuredCash as your means of payment. Note, however, that the 2% does not apply to payment for services like Free Tours subscriptions, Chat with Contestants, vote cast for Contestants, promotional offers, etc. Check our Payment Terms for list of services the 2% discount does not cover.

SecuredCash is safe, fast, and convenient.

Click Login to access your e-Wallet or Create an e-Wallet to enjoy payment comfort.

You need to first create your e-Wallet and deposit money into it. Anytime you need to make payment for any services across our websites, select SecuredCash as your payment option, and then follow the guide. Remember, you must have a balance that is equal to the payment you want to make. Follow the simple guide to make your payment. You will be given 2% commission for using SecuredCash e-Wallet to make payment. Payment terms and conditions apply.

To protect your money from unauthorized deductions, you will receive a one-time-password (OTP), on the phone number with which you used to create an account, or as SMS to authenticate payment. You can also choose a two factor authentication (2FA) method to authenticate. This will ensure that payments are initiated and approved by you, and prevent unauthorized access to your account.


Contact Customer Support if you need any help on how to enjoy SecuredCash offer.