Security and Safety Tips

There are security challenges in some parts of the country. VLP for now, packages tours to safer parts of Nigeria. We try our utmost to provide safe and secure tours always, aimed at protecting our valued customers from violent attacks from banditry, terrorism, kidnapping, and other acts capable of inflicting pains, injuries and personal harm.

Safe and responsible travel and tour involves having deep knowledge of the route to the destination. VLP carries out surveillance of travel routes and tour destinations, in collaboration with our security partners, to gather intelligence about risk prone areas to avoid. All of these is in an effort to provide our esteemed customers a safe and responsible travel and tour.

To achieve safety while touring, we help our customers take responsibility for ensuring they keep all information pertaining to their journey secret and personal. Except to immediate family members, travel itinerary should not be divulged to third party.

Ultimate safety and security is a collective responsibility. We can keep safe when we take responsibility for ensuring safe and secure travel and tour. Be safety conscious, take responsibility!