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VLP is an acronym for Vacation and Leisure Planners Limited. VLP is the organizer of and trademark owners of TheChronicleNG and the other services offered on thechronicleng.com website.

You make payment online through the Paystack payment platform installed on our website. It is safe, secure and convenient.

Any credit or debit card accepted on the Paystack payment channel is also acceptable on our platform.

No! We do not store customer’s payment card information.

What is TheChronicleNG?
It is a tourism reality show that seeks to rewrite the history of Nigeria from the microcosm – community level. Read more in about TheChronicleNG.

It will cover the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Anyone who’s eligible could apply provided the person is an adult 18 years and above but not more than 45 years.

Registration is FREE. However, you must get, at least, one person to register for the Follow tour package, who will follow you as a fan to the communities you’ll be assigned to reseach.

Commencement dates will the announced in the national dailies, major television stations, and on the website.

Not likely but we cannot rule out the possibility.

Everyone who qualifies to participate at the local government will win a cash prize, and the first 3 participant who emerged as winners will win varying cash prizes. Also varying cash plus consolation prizes would be won at the states and national level.

Yes you can, but you must be in Nigeria prior to the commencement and throughout the period of the reality show.

No you cannot. The reality show is meant strictly for Nigerians.

Connect with me gives oppourtunity to the public to chat with each contestant and provide information that will help the contestant win

Yes you can, but once you’re selected to participate in one state you will no longer qualify to participate in any other state.

This will be determined by the number of the local governments in each state.

Follow is a programme that enables just a few to enjoy adventure tours to different communities in all parts of Nigeria. Those who apply will have the opportunity of accompanying TheChronicleNG contestants to every communities they will visit and observe them as they carry out their research exercise.

Any adult 18 years and above and in a good state of health.

All these will be catered for by VLP at no extra charge.

Information will be here